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Governor Paterson's includes a helpful table summarizing the sources of state spending growth over the past 10 years.  The numbers highlight the favored status of education during a period that saw one of the greatest spending run-ups in New York's Read More

Last week, about Governor Paterson's somewhat puzzling implying (seemingly) that his 2011-12 budget would result in a $1 billion surplus that he would use to finance a property tax circuit breaker.  "If the governor is saying that the four-year fi Read More

Producers of films made principally in New York will receive another $420 million a year in state tax subsidies under Gov. Paterson's 2010-11 Executive Budget.  The proposed allocation of $2.1 billion for the film production credit over the next fiv Read More

A news release from Governor David Paterson he is proposing "significant spending reductions" in the he is releasing today.   If only it were true. The net budget "reductions" sought by the governor consist largely of cuts in projected baselin Read More

Some thoughts on Governor Paterson's today that he expects his forthcoming 2010-11 Executive Budget to result in a 2011-12 "surplus" of $1 billion that he will propose using for "property tax relief" in the form of a new "circuit-breaker" income tax Read More

New York local governments, including New York City, share the cost of social services and Medicaid, which elsewhere are borne mainly at the state level.  Nonetheless, New York's state government spends considerably more than the national average, a Read More

Are New York's public authorities fixed? Little more than a week ago, Gov. Paterson signed a bill to ." But State Senator Bill Perkins of Harlem thinks that the convolutions New York's Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) put itself through t Read More

The health care bill now moving through Congress could heap significant added costs on New York State.  But the Heritage Foundation is offering on how New York could turn the tables on the feds and save at least $47 billion on Medicaid over a six-y Read More


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