Updated Public Authority Payrolls Available Online

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Updated payroll files for 62,287 state and local public authority employees in New York have been posted on SeeThroughNY, the Empire Center’s government transparency website for taxpayers.

The salaries, including separate base pay rates and totals with overtime and other extras, were obtained from the comptroller’s Public Authority Reporting Information System (PARIS). The latest SeeThroughNY posting includes data certified by the comptroller since public authority salaries were last updated on SeeThroughNY in December of 2011.

Of the 150 most highly paid public authority employees in the updated database, most worked for government-sponsored hospitals and health facilities, including the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (102), Erie County Medical Center Corporation (17) and the Westchester County Health Care Corporation (24).

The top average pay in the latest SeeThroughNY update was the $97,675 reported for the Long Island Power Authority, which has been widely criticized for its handling of Superstorm Sandy. Other notable figures include:

The 1,604 New York State Power Authority employees, who averaged annual compensation of $90,170;

Erie County Medical Center Corporation CEO Jody Lomeo who earned $704,790;

Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority chief executive officer Mark Aesch, who earned $316,315; and

Buffalo Urban Development Corporation president Peter Cammarata who earned $107,410.

SeeThroughNY allows the public to examine government expenditures on the Internet. It includes payroll and pension data for current and former state and local government employees, teacher and school superintendent employment contracts, state legislators’ office expenditures, pork barrel projects, and a benchmarking feature for comparing local government and school district spending. The site was launched July 31, 2008.