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2009 State Payroll Posted Online | Press Releases

New Yorkers today can search the complete 2009 state government payroll on, the government transparency website. The updated database includes names, titles, base pay rates and total pay received by the 298,247 people who worked in the state’s executive, legislative or judicial branches at any point last year. [Read_more]

Lawmakers Urged to Adopt Cap on School Tax Levies | Press Releases

The only proven route to long-term and lasting property-tax relief in New York is property-tax limitation - such as capping the annual growth in school-tax levies, Empire Center for Public Policy Director E.J. McMahon said in testimony today before state Assembly lawmakers. [Read_more]

Report Details “Empire State Exodus” | Press Releases

New York State’s continuing loss of residents to other states — the nation’s biggest “domestic migration” outflow since the start of the decade — is the focus of a new research report from the Empire Center for Public Policy. [Read_more]

Study: Regulatory Reform would Expand Health Coverage in NY | Press Releases

Up to 37 percent of New Yorkers currently lacking health insurance would be encouraged to purchase their own coverage if the price was reduced through reform of state insurance regulations, according to a new study issued today by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and the Empire Center for Public Policy. [Read_more]

New York State Senate and Assembly Payrolls Updated | Press Releases

An updated staff payroll for the New York State Senate and Assembly was posted today at, the Empire Center's government transparency site for taxpayers. The payroll is fully searchable by name and title, and reflects the latest changes made in the Senate staff payroll. [Read_more]

Updated Public Authority Payrolls Posted Online | Press Releases

Payroll files for 384 Public Authorities have been posted on, the Empire Center’s government transparency web site for taxpayers.The new data includes names, titles, base pay rates and total pay received for most of the 44,320 public authority employees added today. [Read_more]
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