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Latest Legislative Expenditures Available on Internet | Press Releases

Members of the state Senate Majority spent an average of 62 percent more on their legislative offices than Minority party members during the six months ending March 31, while Assembly Majority members spent 33 percent more than Minority members during the same period, according to a new searchable database of legislative expenditure reports posted today at [Read_more]

Report Details NY Impacts of Obama, McCain Tax Plans | Press Releases

Federal income tax increases proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama could indirectly blow a nearly $1 billion hole in New York State’s treasury over the next two years, according to a new report released last week by the Empire Center for Public Policy, a non-partisan, independent think tank. [Read_more]

NY School Spending Well Above Inflation in 2008-09 | Press Releases

School districts across New York State will increase their per-pupil spending next year by nearly one and a half times the current rate of inflation -- despite falling real estate values and clear signs of an economic slowdown -- according to an analysis issued today by the Empire Center for Public Policy. [Read_more]

New School Contracts Lack Accountability | Press Releases

Contracts for Excellence (C4E), the centerpiece of former Governor Eliot Spitzer’s reform agenda for New York state schools in 2007, “could now more accurately stand for Commitments for Expenditures” because of the program’s emphasis on educational inputs over educational outcomes, says a Policy Briefing issued today by the Empire Center for Public Policy. [Read_more]