Month: December 2009

Governor Deval Patrick says he will eliminate 2,000 jobs unless public employee unions make concessions, including possible unpaid furloughs. Patrick's approach contrasts with that of New York Governor David Paterson, who also on Thursday, propose Read More

Forget the dismal economy. Or that police officers in Orangetown and Pelham Manor are among the best paid in the lower Hudson Valley. According to two arbitration panels, the police are underpaid--and deserve retroactive raises of nearly 8.2 percent Read More

The Journal News has posted the annual pensions of 335,648 retired state and local government employees in a searchable data base (). Included are retirees of the Common Retirement Fund, which covers employees of state agencies and loca Read More

Four days after proposing to slash the salaries of 350 Harrison town employees by 20 percent, Supervisor Joan Walsh was re-elected supervisor by voters in the affluent Westchester County suburb. With the town facing a budget gap between $3.3 milli Read More

New York's judges haven't gotten a pay raise in nearly 12 years, but some are taking advantage of a legal loophole allowing them to continue to draw their salaries while collecting a pension. For example, 68-year-old State Supreme Court Justice Or Read More

City of Poughkeepsie cops aren't getting a pay raise in 2009--a decision likely to raise local property taxes for decades to come. In exchange for no raises in 2009, the city agreed to pay 100 percent of health insurance costs for police officers Read More

 Is Governor David Paterson ready to consider a wage freeze? Based on what he told reporters Sunday, the answer may be yes. The governor was asked to comment on the idea as presented in an op-ed by John Faso, the 2006 gubernatorial candi Read More

Did Governor David Paterson forget why he vetoed a bill that virtually locks in health benefits for retired state and local government employees? Or does he believe retired teachers are more deserving? The Tier 5 bill, , goes beyond creating a ne Read More