Month: June 2010

In his State of the State message in January, Gov. Paterson announced that Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch would “take the lead in [developing] a four-year plan for fiscal recovery.” Read More

In 2009 New York's schools employed two people called David Cameron. One of them was paid $38,698, the other made $67,406. I know this because it's publicly available information. The David Camerons are just two of the 1.5 million public employees Read More

New Yorkers today can search the complete 2009 state government payroll on, the government transparency website. The updated database includes names, titles, base pay rates and total pay received by the 298,247 people who worked in the state’s executive, legislative or judicial branches at any point last year. Read More

Nearly 100 Northville area residents, teachers and students showed up at a school board meeting Tuesday to express their concerns about 11 potential teacher layoffs and the way the teachers were notified. Some residents were concerned the notifica Read More