Month: June 2010

Gov. Paterson delivered a hard-times $134 billion spending plan yesterday that would slash school aid, deny hundreds of millions of dollars to the city's coffers, and raise taxes on soda and smokes. The bare-bones, 2010-11 budget would hold spendi Read More

Wednesday, the legislature passed its ethics reform bill. "As far as I'm concerned, this bill is a long time coming," said Senator Eric Schneiderman. The legislature went ahead with its ethics reform package, despite Governor Paterson's warning Read More

It was just a week ago that we posted a list of the budgeted salaries for all school superintendents across the state. Now we're adding a companion database that contains all Western New York school district employees who earned $100,000 or more in 2 Read More

Gov. Paterson’s second Executive Budget is not nearly as tough as his rhetoric (or the headlines) would imply. But in dollars and cents terms alone, it is relatively restrained and almost fiscally conservative -- by Albany’s low standards, that is. Read More