2014 New York State Payroll Added to SeeThroughNY.net

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The complete 2014 New York state government payroll is now posted on SeeThroughNY.net, the Empire Center’s government spending transparency website.

The updated database includes the names, titles, base pay rates, and total pay of more than 292,000 individuals who worked in the state’s executive, legislative, or judicial branches at any point in calendar year 2014. Taxpayers can search state government payroll records dating back to 2008.

The data show:

  • The highest-paid employee on the state payroll was Alain Kaloyeros, executive officer of SUNY Polytechnic Institute. His pay totaled $987,075. According to data posted separately on SeeThroughNY, Kaloyeros was also paid $523,886 by the Research Foundation for the State of New York during the fiscal year ending last June.
  • 1,512 state government employees were paid more than the governor’s $179,000 salary.
  • Of the top 50 highest paid executive branch employees, 49 were professional staff for one of the State’s psychiatric centers; 38 of the 50 highest paid employees at SUNY and CUNY worked at hospitals.

Not reflected in the data are costs of pensions, health insurance for employees and retirees, and other benefits. Tables listing average pay by executive agency and the 50 highest-paid employees by branch of state government in 2014 are here.