Breaking the Budget in New York State

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You can view the entire conference by clicking here (about 90 minutes in duration), or you can view each speaker’s presentation separately by clicking the links after their names below.

Featured Speakers:
Hon. Hugh L. Carey– Partner, Harris Beach, PLLC; Former Governor, New York State
[video] [transcript]
John S. Dyson– Millcap Advisors, LLC; Former Commissioner, NYS Department of Commerce
[video] [transcript]
Peter Goldmark– Environmental Defense Fund; Former Director, NYS Division of the Budget
[video] [transcript]

Hon. Edward I. Koch– Partner, Bryan Cave LLP; Former Mayor, City of New York
[video] [transcript]
Dall Forsythe– Distinguished Lecturer, Baruch College; Former Director, NYS Division of the Budget
[video] [transcript]
Diana Fortuna– President, Citizens Budget Commission
[video] [transcript]

E.J. McMahon– Director, Empire Center for Public Policy; Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
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