Diagnosis: Disruption

HCRA, the ACA and NY's Coming Healthcare Storm

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The Empire Center hosted a forum on the future of the state’s healthcare system examining both the pending expiration of New York’s Health Care Reform Act and the looming repeal of Obamacare.

Panel One: Putting ‘Reform’ Back in the Health Care Reform Act

  • Bea Grause, President, Healthcare Association of NYS
  • Bill Hammond, Health Policy Director, Empire Center
  • Bob Hinckley, Senior Vice President, CDPHP
  • Kathleen Preston, Vice President, NY Health Plan Association
  • Elisabeth Wynn, Senior Vice President, Greater NY Hospital Association
  • Moderator: Casey Seiler, State Editor, Times Union

Panel Two: Managing New York Healthcare Under President Trump

  • Hon. Richard Gottfried, Chairman, Assembly Health Committee
  • Jason Helgerson, Medicaid Director, NYS Health Department
  • Thomas Wickham, Program Director, Senate Majority Counsel’s Office
  • Moderator: David Sandman, President, NYS Health Foundation

Bill Hammond’s presentation

Panelist remarks (HCRA)

Panel discussion and Q&A (HCRA)

Panelist remarks (Managing New York Healthcare Under President Trump)

Panel discussion and Q&A (Managing New York Healthcare Under President Trump)