Thruway stabilization program, for the payment of costs related to the New NY bridge and bridge-related transportation improvements, and for other costs of the thruway authority including, but not limited to, its core capital program. Costs may include, but not be limited to, construction, reconstruction, reconditioning and preservation, including work appurtenant and ancillary thereto, may include the acquisition of property, and may include engineering services, including but not limited to the preparation of designs, plans, specifications and estimates; construction management and supervision; appraisals, surveys, testing and environmental impact statements; personal services, nonpersonal services, fringe and indirect costs and the services provided by private firms. Provided, however that funds shall not be made available from this appropriation unless the New York state thruway authority has submitted a plan to the Governor, the Speaker of the Assembly and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate that describes the portions of funding appropriated herein that will be used for costs related to the New NY Bridge, bridge-related transportation improvements and the Thruway core capital program. In addition, the authority shall annually provide, on or before July first of each year, a report detailing the amount of funding from this appropriation used for each project funded in the previous calendar year and the total amount of funding from this appropriation spent on each project up to the end of the previous calendar year (930615SP) …………….. 1,285,000,000

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