NY tax burden near top, again

by Ken Girardin |  | NY Torch

Lifting the Tax BurdenNew York continued to impose one of the nation’s highest state and local tax burdens relative to income during fiscal 2012, according to data released today by the US Census Bureau.

The combined tax burden in New York came to 15 percent of personal income, compared to a national average of 10.5 percent. Two states, Alaska (24.9 percent) and North Dakota (20.2 percent), ranked above New York only because of severance taxes on oil and other resources. Neighboring Connecticut (12.1 percent) and New Jersey (11.4 percent) ranked sixth and eleventh, respectively.

The five lowest taxed states, as a function of income, were South Dakota (7.9 percent), Tennessee (8.4 percent), New Hampshire (8.4 percent), Florida (8.4 percent) and Alabama (8.5 percent).

On a per-capita basis, New York’s state and local tax burden was the third-highest in the nation at $7,751¬†per New York resident, again behind Alaska ($11,869) and North Dakota ($9,449); the national average was $4,423. The five states with the lowest per capita burden were Alabama ($2,951), South Carolina ($3,020), Idaho ($3,043), Tennessee ($3,095) and Mississippi ($3,252).

The 50-state ranking for both categories is available on our data page.



- Ken Girardin is the Policy Analyst at the Empire Center for Public Policy.