Tag: The Fiscal Outlook

The Greek debt crisis has inspired economist Michael Boskin to lay out some fundamental lessons that are equally applicable to our own federal and state governments. Quoting directly from this article by Boskin, the lessons are: elected officials systematically... Read More

As reported in today's Wall Street Journal, the state may re-enter the short-term credit markets for the first time in two decades in order to cover a cash shortfall in June. The possibility was first raised in a forum at the Rockefeller Institute... Read More

As its 2009-10 fiscal year draws to a close, New York is on track to collect roughly $500 million less than originally projected from last year's temporary "millionaire tax," which raised the marginal income tax rate by up to 31 percent on taxpayers Read More

Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch still hasn't publicly released his long-term plan to restore structural balance to New York's state budget, including a rumored proposal to bond out a portion of the state's budget shortfall.   But the details emerging so f Read More

"Changes in the timing and structure of financial services sector compensation, which have resulted in lower than expected personal income tax [PIT] revenues" led to a $1 billion state PIT shortfall in January, which in turn has helped add $750 milli Read More

Nicole dissects Mayor Bloomberg's preliminary 2011 budget in .   Her key point: while news coverage of what the Times as a "grim budget" has concentrated heavily on the mayor's proposed cuts, Bloomberg actually is relying much more heavil Read More

Some thoughts on Governor Paterson's today that he expects his forthcoming 2010-11 Executive Budget to result in a 2011-12 "surplus" of $1 billion that he will propose using for "property tax relief" in the form of a new "circuit-breaker" income tax Read More

Governor Paterson today that New York State faces "an unprecedented financial emergency," and asked the Legislature to choose between passing his deficit-reduction plan or granting him a new "executive option" to cut the budget unilaterally.  But t Read More

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