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Josh Barro of Manhattan Institute has a strong at RealClearMarkets digging more deeply into the Rockefeller Institute's on quarterly state tax collections.  Key take-away: "states without income taxes are generally showing admirable (and unsurpris Read More

On the surface, New York doesn't look too bad in Rockefeller Institute's on tax trends in the 50 states.  Albany's tax receipts in the third quarter declined by 8.9 percent, compared to a national average of 10.7 percent, the report says.  New York Read More

"If there is no action taken by the state [of New York] to close the [budget] gap, or if action is taken but is largely-one-time in nature (therefore increasing the structural imbalance in the outyears), and revenue collections in January are close t Read More

Senate Democrats are "secretly considering" up to $1 billion in "new taxes on medical services" as an alternative to health care spending cuts in Governor Paterson's deficit reduction plan, according to in today's New York Post. Such a t Read More

in today's New York Post explains why—and how—the Paterson administration should declare a fiscal emergency and seek to impose a three-year freeze on all state and local employee salaries in New York.  This would save taxpayers statewid Read More

When this year's state budget was first enacted back in April, the budget gap for fiscal 2010-11 was at $2.17 billion.  The in July more than doubled this estimate, to $4.62 billion.   And today's says next year's gap has grown by another 47 per Read More

Today's from Governor Paterson's office says the governor's proposed pension changes for new newly hired employees will save $60 billion over 30 years.  But here's the missing perspective: for state government, the modest changes proposed by Paterso Read More

Well, better late than never.  But given in New York, Governor Paterson's may be a day late and a dollar short. Make that a billion.   Just a day after state Comptroller DiNapoli in support of his own plausible estimate that the 2009-10 budget Read More

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