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Senator Chris Dodd's financial-regulatory includes some of what the press calls the "Volcker Rule" (p478): banning FDIC-insured banks and their affiliates or parent companies from what's known as "proprietary trading" or betting supposedly safe ban Read More

A Democratic state lawmaker from Buffalo is urging U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer to oppose President Obama's proposed tax on financial institutions. Assemblyman Sam Hoyt says he believes the tax, which Obama calls a "Financial Crisis Responsibility Fe Read More

"Changes in the timing and structure of financial services sector compensation, which have resulted in lower than expected personal income tax [PIT] revenues" led to a $1 billion state PIT shortfall in January, which in turn has helped add $750 milli Read More

You'd think the author of aslamming the "too big to fail" doctrine and calling for smarter financial regulations would find something to like in President Obama's .  But in , Nicole argues that Obama's latest gambit would leave New York with "the w Read More

The U.K.'s Labour Party surprised the world and maybe itself by taking a tough line on City bank bonuses on Wednesday, according to the press, announcing a 50 percent surtax on banks' bonus payrolls through next April. The tax, which the banks the Read More

Some awful ideas just keep turning up. Take, for example, the old state and city stock transfer tax.  The last vestiges of the tax were effectively phased out in 1981, although technically survives due to a weird tax law quirk whose repeal has b Read More

"Wall Street Recovering Faster Than Anticipated" is the headline on today's press release from state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's office, heralding a that points to potential record-breaking profitability and lower-than-expected employment losses a Read More