UPSTATE REVITALIZATION (CCP) ……………………….. 1,500,000,000
20                                                            ————–
21    Capital Projects Funds – Other
22    Dedicated Infrastructure Investment Fund
23    Infrastructure Investment Account
24    Upstate Revitalization Purpose

The sum of $1,500,000,000 is hereby appropriated for the upstate revitalization initiative. Funds appropriated  herein shall be for services and expenses, loans, grants,  workforce  development,  business and  tourism plan development, costs associated with program administration,  and the  payment of personal services, nonpersonal  services  and   contract   services provided   by  private  firms to support economic development  projects,  including the  payment of liabilities incurred prior to April 1, 2015. Funding will be pursuant to a plan developed by the chief executive officer of the New York state urban development corporation and based on a  competitive selection process among the regional economic  development councils (R.E.D.C’s) and  will  support  initiatives  based on anticipated  job creation  and  economic development benefits.  Such moneys will be awarded by the New York state urban development corporation at its discretion.  All or  a  portion  of  the funds appropriated hereby may be suballocated or  transferred to   any  department,  agency,  or  public authority (910115UR) ………………… 1,500,000,000

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