Month: October 2008

The extraordinary circumstances of David Paterson's rise to office go far beyond Eliot Spitzer, whose alleged ties to high-priced prostitutes forced him to resign last week. The 55th governor has his work cut out for him during difficult times in the Read More

Call the community board in the Harlem district David Paterson used to represent, mention his name and on the other line comes a chuckle and the word "comedian." Ask a political observer what the new governor is like and they say "amiable," "charisma Read More

Albany's revenue base is rapidly shrinking, but the financial plan left on the table by the former governor, Eliot Spitzer, would allow the state budget to keep on growing as if shares in Bear Stearns were still selling in the low hundreds. With barely two weeks to go before the start of the next state fiscal year, it remains unclear whether Mr. Spitzer's successor will rein in spending before it's too late. Read More

David Paterson’s honeymoon was still going strong Monday, with the new governor’s first speech to a packed Assembly chamber getting universally positive reviews. .. Read article Read More

ELIOT SPITZER'S campaign slogan was “Day One, Everything Changes”. On Day 439, everything finally did. The famously self-righteous Mr Spitzer stepped down as governor of New York because of allegations that he had had sex with expensive prostitut Read More

The completion of New York State's budget was the greatest challenge awaiting David Paterson when he was sworn into office as New York's governor just two weeks before the start of a new fiscal year, which begins April 1. Read More

"Voters Back Millionaire's Tax 4-1." That's one of the headlines on the latest survey of New York State residents by . It's hardly a surprise that most New Yorkers are inclined to favor a tax hike that fewer than 1 percent of them would pay. But p Read More