Month: October 2008

Energy was one of the few issue areas in which David Paterson was allowed at least briefly to play a visible role during 14 months in the shadows as New York's lieutenant governor. But now that he has succeeded the disgraced Eliot Spitzer in the governor's office, Paterson needs to break with policies that have made energy increasingly expensive and potentially scarce in New York. Read More

"Voters Back Millionaire's Tax 4-1" is how the Quinnipiac poll is rushing out news in respect of its finding on the scheme of the Assembly in Albany to raise taxes on the highest-earning New Yorkers. "Remember that old verse: 'Don't tax you; don't ta Read More

Politicians have a habit of crying wolf over budget cuts - even when the "cuts" actually amount to smaller-than-desired spending increases. But amid all the other noise surrounding the final stage of budget negotiations in Albany late this week, New York's county executives made a strong case against what would be one of the more outrageous intergovernmental rip-offs since the creation of the Medicaid program over 40 years ago. Read More

In his rush to finish the state budget kinda-sorta-almost on time, Gov. Paterson is giving away the store. Caving to pressure from special interests and their allies in the Legislature, the newbie governor is allowing spending to balloon at twice Read More