Empire Ideas Forum – Mid-Hudson Valley

Westchester County Center, White Plains

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Policymakers throughout New York are finding it increasingly difficult to balance their budgets in the face of a depressed economy. The newly enacted tax cap has helped shine a light on the unsustainable budgeting, compensation and spending practices that are plaguing New York’s municipalities.

Empire Ideas, a new project of the Empire Center, will highlight solutions to some of the major problems confronting New York local governments and school districts. Over the coming months we’ll be releasing a series of papers outlining doable solutions to some of the most costly issues local governments face, helping them live within the cap while improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of public services. Those papers will be followed up with Empire Ideas Forums, like this one, where we will present the paper and engage regional leaders and policymakers in an open conversation on how to move forward.

This forum focused on why long-term financial planning is essential for local governments and school districts, and how such plans can and should be implemented for counties, municipalities and school districts.
E.J. McMahon
Senior Fellow
Empire Center
Hon. Mike Spano
City of Yonkers
Hon. C. Scott Vanderhoef
County Executive
Rockland County
Louis N. Wool
Superintendent of Schools
Harrison Central School District