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New York’s highest court has just ruled—not for the first time—that Article VII, Section 8.1 of the State Constitution does not mean what it seems to say in prohibiting gifts and loans of state money “to or in aid of any private corporation or association, or private undertaking.” Read More

An article in The New York Times today touts NBC’s “significant investment” in a state-of-the-art studio at 30 Rockefeller Center for “Tonight” and its new host, Jimmy Fallon. But the article never mentions who’s footing a chunk of the bill for Tonight’s move back to New York from California: the taxpayers of New York State. Read More

Just when it looked like New York's free-spending public schools were finally about to meaningfully tighten their belts, news came from Washington yesterday that the U.S. Senate had cleared the way for another $26 billion dose of "stimulus"... Read More

Despite growing signs that Congress is finding it harder to spend with reckless abandon, New York State budget negotiators were counting on getting $1 billion in added Federal Medicaid Reimbursement Percentage (FMAP) aid under the so-called "jobs bill" expected to move... Read More

The House has passed the White House's request for an extension of the Build America Bond program 'till 2012, and the Senate is getting there. Just what state, local, and the federal government need: more "cheap" debt, thanks to an implicit federal... Read More

As part of the White House's $3.8 trillion 2011 , President Obama has proposed making the "Build America Bonds" program permanent. Build America Bonds have offered states and localities a quick fix since Washington created them in the stimulus packa Read More

As E.J. earlier this week, Gov. Paterson is taking a "minimalist" approach to the $2.1 - 3 billion deficit that is starting to yawn in the current budget, suggesting only $500 million worth of cuts (many of which were quickly criticized by state leg Read More

It's increasingly clear that the federal government's "Build America Bonds" program, part of the stimulus, was a backdoor bailout for California. Under the program, states can issue taxable bonds, with the federal government reimbursing them for the Read More