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Late last month, the Empire Center in Albany found that MTA overtime costs swelled by nearly 16% last year, or $418 million. Though every unit played a part, the Long Island Rail Road was worst by a country mile. OT there shot up 30%, to $224 million. Fifty-eight of the MTA’s 100 highest-paid employees, including the top four, worked at the LIRR. How much did some hourly employees earn, after all was said and done? $461,646, $395,397 and $380,407, driving up their pensions in the bargain. Read More

The Post began spotlighting these abuses, particularly at the LIRR, after the Empire Center reported that OT costs there spiked 30 percent last year — with some employees pulling down hundreds of thousands in extra-hours pay. Read More

New Yorkers were shocked by the recent revelation by the Empire Center for Public Policy that Long Island Rail Road Chief Measurement Operator Thomas Caputo received more than $344,000 in overtime payments last year, bringing his total salary to more than $460,000. Equally alarming is that this outlandish number will become the basis upon which his pension payment is calculated, which is expected to exceed $162,000 a year. Read More

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