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President Barack Obama wants to limit raises of federal government employees to 1.4 percent--far less than the 4 percent raises most New York State workers expect in the coming year. In New York, raises are determined by negotiations with public e Read More

mid Governor David Paterson's various troubles, a bill quietly was introduced last week--at his request--offering a pension sweetener to public employees represented by a single union: New York State United Teachers. The  would allow teachers and Read More

The Empire Center has posted payroll records for the 298,247 employees who worked for the State of New York in 2009 on its transparency site, . The full release, including tables listing the 50 highest-paid employees in each branch of state gover Read More

The Town of Islip hit a major road block in its plan to reduce costs of its vehicle fleet: a state administrative law judge ruled 45 workers can keep town-owned vehicles to commute between work and their homes. The ruling--if upheld on appeal by t Read More

The state payroll for New York State shrunk by 1,856 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees during a two-year period ending in January 2010. However, despite a hiring freeze announced by Governor David Paterson in 2008, the state employs more workers t Read More

In double-barreled editorials, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle argues the state Legislature should freeze state employee salaries--and repeal the Triborough Amendment. No member of the Legislature has introduced a bill to repeal Read More

Three--no, make that four--members of the Assembly have called on unionized teachers to forego $1 billion in scheduled pay raises to avoid massive layoffs and property tax increases. Forgetaboutit, responds Richard Iannuzzi. Instead the president Read More

The idea of freezing wages of public employees has gained bipartisan support and picked up steam in newspaper editorials around the state in recent days. In an op-ed in the Week in Review section of The New York Times, former U.S. Sen. A Read More


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