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He was shocked — shocked — that Sheldon Silver did anything wrong. The founder of a law firm that paid Silver millions over a dozen years for doing virtually no work gave the disgraced Assembly speaker his walking ­papers Wednesday. Read More

A bill expanding the share of New York public pension funds that can be invested in complex, high-risk alternative assets such as private equity and hedge funds has been vetoed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Read More

Showing contempt for the public — if not also for the courts — retirement funds representing the city’s cops and firefighters are stonewalling a judicial order to make public the names of all their pensioners. Read More

When the Empire Center posted a list on its website of the 665 public employees “double dipping” — or collecting public sector pensions while getting paid for other public sector jobs — Herkimer County’s Dr. Vinay Patil emerged as one of the highest-paid at $210,000 annually. Read More