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The Empire Center for Public Policy is seeking to intervene in a lawsuit initiated by New York City firefighter unions in an attempt to block the release of pension recipients’ names alongside individual pension benefit amounts. Read More

Retirement hasn’t stopped 665 public employees from drawing government paychecks in addition to their pensions, a new report found. The double-dipping retirees all received a waiver that allowed them to take another government job while still receiving their pensions, according to the report from The Empire Center, a fiscally conservative think tank. Read More

More than 650 retired state and local government workers collecting a pension have also been authorized to earn a public salary before they're 65, according to a report by the Empire Center for Public Policy. Ten Nassau County employees and eight Suffolk County employees, mostly investigators in the district attorneys' offices, have received waivers from the state to go back to work, or "double dip," according to the database compiled by the nonprofit advocacy group. About three dozen other waivers to the state retirement law were granted for Long Island police departments, towns, and school districts. Read More