, Nicole spotlights the troubling implications of the hot-and-heavy political love affair between City Comptroller (and would-be mayor) William Thompson and Local 100 of the Transit Workers Union (TWU). Her bottom line: New Yorkers ne Read More

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It's increasingly clear that the federal government's "Build America Bonds" program, part of the stimulus, was a backdoor bailout for California. Under the program, states can issue taxable bonds, with the federal government reimbursing them for the Read More

In my  yesterday, I linked to a Transport Workers Union (TWU) narrative from the union's website that said the TWU's leadership had walked "the length of the parade arm in arm" during last month's Labor Day parade in Brooklyn with Democratic mayo Read More

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) local 100, which represents most Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) union workers in the city, has launched a "no contract, no peace" effort to push the MTA into dropping its lawsuit against the state's re Read More

Xerox (ACS) for $6.4 billion. Why? Partly because ACS does a lot of work for government entities, processing Medicare benefits and all kinds of other stuff. Big businesses -- including Xerox and ACS competitor IBM, which is running ads all over p Read More

Some states are being more stimulated than others. February's stimulus package included something called "Build America Bonds." Under the program, states can issue taxable debt to bondholders to raise money for infrastructure projects, rather than i Read More

Unlike other states, New York has avoided massive layoffs and furloughs of public employees to close recurring budget gaps. That could change. Newsday : Gov. David A. Paterson and some lawmakers are raising the spect Read More

Sometimes the credit crisis seems like last year's news. At least, you would think so if you looked at projected Wall Street bonuses and New York City and State public spending. But a new Moody's report shows how the crisis continues to impact Read More