JetBlue, which employs 800 people at its Queens headquarters, might move the facility out of state in two and a half years to escape New York's high cost of doing business, the Daily News . Read More

, Nicole writes in today's Post.   The downstate economy will pay a steep price for what will be, at best, a temporary solution to the MTA's enormous budget shortfalls, she points out. For what taxpayers are giving up here, the Read More

To assuage reluctant lawmakers, Gov. Paterson has proposed that school districts be exempt from the new payroll tax that he wants Albany to impose on all employers, including public-sector employers, in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's ser Read More

Now that a whole herd of horses has galloped out of New York's budgetary barn, Governor David Paterson has proposed shutting the door with an inflation-level cap on state spending. Read More

Mayor Bloomberg's 2010 Executive Budget proposal is being portrayed as "" -- but while the media and politicians focus on proposed spending reductions, a key measure of spending is actually rising at over twice the inflation rate. Read More

Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg presented his updated budget proposal for next year, which starts in July. One thing that stands out, besides his request that Albany hike the city sales tax by half a percentage point: it's likely that over Read More

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