The net flow of funds from New York State to Washington was a famous obsession of the late , who collaborated on an (nicknamed "The Fisc") to track the numbers.   Today, the federal government issued its annual accounting of one side of that ledge Read More

Gov. Paterson has a that would have weakened oversight power of the Buffalo Fiscal Stabilization Authority.   As the Buffalo News , this was the second legislative attempt in the past year to remove the city from "hard" control status, w Read More

Detroit's school system may soon follow GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy -- and it may be only the first of many such public-sector insolvencies around the country.  Some experts say the Detroit case could be the first in a string of Ch Read More

Under , "university employees are facing unpaid furloughs." They would join California's 230,000-plus state workers who will continue to be forced to take off three unpaid days per month through June 2010. The furloughs equate to roug Read More

The global financial industry will look different in the future. As governments rethink regulations and companies figure out new business models, the scramble is already on in New York (via Washington), London, and Europe (via Brussels) for which Read More

The Bloomberg administration has ordered public-school principals to stop allowing private teaching assistants -- whose wages are paid by parent groups -- to work in their schools, the Times . The directive came after a complaint from the t Read More

Today's from state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli says first quarter tax collections were $487 million below projections, in line with the trend reflected in Taxation and Finance data . DiNapoli's chose to focus on the bright side, noting that gene Read More

Don't look now, but there's a nasty pool of red ink spreading beneath the state's budget.  If are any indication of things to come, Governor Paterson and the state Legislature need to start cutting right away. Read More

The state comptroller's cash report for the first quarter ought to be coming out any day now -- perhaps as soon as today.  Tax collections through June are likely to have fallen below the April 1 projections for the quarter, feeding the widespread a Read More

New York's state tax base would take another huge hit under over the next 10 years. Our on the tax plans of the presidential candidates explained that changes in federal tax rates have a direct impact on the income tax revenues of New York State Read More

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