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Economic growth in New York exceeded the rate for most other states between 2003 and 2004, but personal income growth for New York state residents remains below average. The positive data on economic growth come from Gross Stat Read More

New York State and New York City were pushing the envelope on "public use" condemnations of private property to benefit other private owners even before the practice was ratified in a controversial U.S. Supreme Court decision last week. The Kelo ruling provides more than enough justification for a careful reconsideration of eminent domain and its uses by the UDC and other government agencies in New York. Will any of our elected officials take the hint? Stay tuned. Read More

New York is the costliest big city in the country for a healthy single person looking to buy health insurance -- and Albany's policies are largely to blame.That's the finding of  by the online insurance broker eHealthInsurance.com, based Read More

Two local government officials are promising to introduce resolutions opposing the condemnation of private properties to make way for an industrial park in suburban Syracuse. This marks the first example in New York of official backlash against the recent U.S. Supreme Court's recent Kelo v. City of New London ruling, which adopted a very expansive definition of government's "eminent domain" power to seize private property for economic development projects. Read More

Natural disasters and economic crises can often bring out the best in people. But they also have a way of bringing out the worst in politicians as typified by the way some New York state legislators have reacted to the latest series of increases gasoline prices. Read More