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The good economic news in Gov. Pataki's proposed budget is a fresh round of $2.5 billion in annual state tax cuts that would provide a strong shot in the arm to business investment throughout New York (assuming the cuts are phased in on schedule after Pataki leaves office). Read More

New York State created new private sector jobs at a little more than half the national pace last year, according to newly released statistics from the state Department of Labor (DOL). The  of revised annual averages shows the state gain Read More

Some of the more ballyhooed changes are so small they may escape a typical taxpayer's notice. For example, if your family owns two cars and drives a lot, the repeal of sales taxes on gasoline purchases over $2 per gallon may save you a whopping $30 over the course of a year. Read More

While the state's private sector struggles to return to its pre-recession peak of 2000, New York's public sector has more employees than ever, according to a report from the Empire Center for Public Policy. Among the findings: - In 51 o Read More