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Long plagued by an exodus of its residents, New York in the past year lost nearly a quarter-million people to other states. But while an influx of foreign immigrants and a ''natural'' gain from births over the past six years has offset the st Read More

While labor union rolls continue to shrink across the country, the latest federal statistics show that New York State's union membership rate--at nearly a quarter of the total workforce--remains more than double the national average.Nearly Read More

While Tuesday's stock market slide was a timely reminder of New York's fiscal vulnerability to external shocks, Eliot Spitzer was already voicing concern about the state's economic prospects during his campaign for governor last fall. Read More

Personal income in New York State increased faster than the national average last year -- and Wall Street accounted for a disproportionate share of the growth, according to . Finance-sector earnings, which represent 14 percent of all personal inc Read More

Eliot Spitzer was swept into office by a record plurality, surrounded by impossibly high expectations that have already begun to deflate. As if that weren't enough, he was also the first New York governor since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1929 to take office at the peak of an economic expansion - which creates some heightened expectations of its own. Read More

After the record jump in Wall Street bonuses early this year, a slowdown in personal-income growth in New York and other finance-intensive states was inevitable in the second quarter. Read More