Tag: Mandate Relief

E.J. McMahon, president of the Empire Center for New York State Policy, criticized the various rebate programs, saying they mask the root cause of New York’s high taxes. He said the state needs to reform laws and lessen mandated costs on local governments to drive lower taxes. “This is what happens when the state gets involved in redistributing money in the name of property-tax relief,” he said. Read More

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has drawn attention for a New York Times op-ed criticizing Governor Cuomo’s failure to deliver meaningful mandate relief to troubled localities. The mayor, who is also co-chair of the state Democratic Committee, challenged Cuomo to “use his substantial, hard-earned political capital to convene the Legislature, the state comptroller, and union and business leaders for an honest conversation about the multiple fiscal pressures confronting our cities.” Read More

Reportedly, the terms of a tentative agreement between the teachers' union and board of education in Westchester's Bedford Central School District would do away with step increases for newly hired teachers. Read More