The chairman of Britain's Financial Services Authority (similar to our SEC), Lord Turner, yesterday floated the idea of a global tax on financial transactions to shrink "a swollen financial sector," the FT . Turner admits that "the probl Read More

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has notified board members that the state-run authority has decided to petition a state judge to vacate state arbitrators' recent to the Transport Workers Union, which called for 11.3 percent raises Read More

Today's WSJ  that "a stream of hedge-fund managers ... are quitting the U.K." as the nation levies a new tax rate of 51 percent on people earning more than $250,000 annually, starting next April. "We have reached a tipping point, in term Read More

What issue got 2,000 rural upstate New Yorkers fired up enough to rally Sunday (under threatening skies) in opposition to a bill sponsored by who represents many of them in Congress? . Read More

"China's much-vaunted stimulus package has exacerbated structural imbalances in the economy and may delay the country's transition to a more sustainable growth model. ... [M]ost of the stimulus [has] gone to the state sector." -- Financial Times Read More

The unemployment rate in New York City jumped to 9.6 percent in July, up two-tenths of a percentage point since June, and the highest level in twelve years, even as the state figure fell slightly, to 8.6 percent from 8.7 percent, the state's Labor D Read More

Writing in today's Post, New York Building Congress head Richard Anderson Gov. Paterson against signing a bill that would change governance procedures at the state's public authorities. One main complaint, which Anderson calls a "fatal flaw Read More

Private employment has dropped nine times faster than state and local government employment in New York since last year, according to by the Albany-based Rockefeller Institute.  But the national trend showed even more of a disparity between the priv Read More

Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, currently the city comptroller, suggested privately to one of the city's powerhouse labor unions that the Taylor Law, which has governed public-sector labor relations in New York State for 42 years (with various amendments along the way), needs reform. Read More

The Post's E.J. Kessler has a good up today about the race for who will succeed mayoral candidate Bill Thompson as city comptroller. Kessler observes that of the four candidates, all City Council members, trying for the Democratic nominati Read More


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