The Paterson Administration is backing off on plans to (finally) start collecting taxes on cigarettes sold by American Indian retailers, the Buffalo News .   This will add $65 million in red ink to The decision drew immediate Read More

S&P has a new report out with some calculations surrounding the MTA's forthcoming 2010-2014 capital plan, . The plan is $28 billion, 20 percent bigger than the program for 2005 through 2009. Of the $28 billion, $9.9 billion -- 35 percent -- Read More

Nicole has today on how last week's budget-busting arbitration award to transit workers has underscored the need for more openness in public-sector collective bargaining. If the MTA had had to release details of its generous offers in t Read More

As the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority launched negotiations with the Transport Workers Union last year for a new three-year labor agreement, one of the authority's biggest goals was to win the right to run "one-person trains" -- that Read More

As we've said (repeatedly), the new labor contract betwen the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Transport Workers Union, decided by a panel of state arbitrators yesterday, is an outrageous giveaway. But just as outrageous was the s Read More

AUTHOR'S NOTE: PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT CORRECTIONS TO THIS POST IN BOLD. In May, after months of turmoil, Albany agreed to a new package of taxes for the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MT Read More

Nicole has on the generous contract arbitration award to transit workers.   Her lead sums it up nicely: THE MTA just managed to give away the store in the new Transport Workers Union contract -- and they couldn't have done it without Read More


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