Saying "the state has run out of money," Governor David Paterson is withholding scheduled 4 percent raises for 137,500 state employees until the Legislature enacts a state budget that closes a $9 billion budget gap. Judging from budget developments, state workers may have to wait.. Read More

Patrick M. Regan, a political science professor at Binghamton University, says his union--United University Professions--should agree to forgo 4 percent pay raises in July. In a op-ed in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, Regan writes... Read More

Would the "comprehensive reforms" unveiled today by the state Senate's Majority Democrats "fix the state’s broken budget process and give New Yorkers a fiscally responsible budget," as they claim? Of course not. There are, however, some good ideas... Read More

Support for some kind of wage freeze (state, local, school district or all public employees) is growing as shown by newspaper editorials in recent weeks (here) and (here). In the past few days, additional editorials weighing in on the topic... Read More

Unless there's surprise development, state workers will get pay checks in mid-April that are fattened with 4 percent salary increases--despite Governor Paterson's call for shared sacrifice. As Daily News columnist Bill Hammond writes () Read More

The l in today's New York Times profiles the 10 highest-earning hedge fund managers.  A quick Google search indicates that only three of the firms run by these superstars -- Soros Fund Management, Paulson & Co., and Harbinger Capital Pa Read More

As its 2009-10 fiscal year draws to a close, New York is on track to collect roughly $500 million less than originally projected from last year's temporary "millionaire tax," which raised the marginal income tax rate by up to 31 percent on taxpayers Read More

The idea of freezing wages of public employees has gained bipartisan support and picked up steam in newspaper editorials around the state in recent days. In an op-ed in the Week in Review section of The New York Times, former U.S. Sen. A Read More

The MTA's Jay Walder has , former Bear Stearns managing director, to the authority's chief financial officer post. Problem is -- Foran enabled the creation of a lot of the MTA's problems in the first place. One of the MTA's many disaster areas is wh Read More

Three--no, make that four--members of the Assembly have called on unionized teachers to forego $1 billion in scheduled pay raises to avoid massive layoffs and property tax increases. Forgetaboutit, responds Richard Iannuzzi. Instead the president Read More


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