E.J. testified before Albany's Joint Legislative Fiscal Committees today. One tidbit illustrates the Empire State's acute dependence on Wall Street: Just how dependent on Wall Street had we become?  Consider this: in 2006, auto manufact Read More

Nicole is in today's New York Post with an highlighting the weaknesses of the "doomsday budget" unveiled last Friday by Mayor Bloomberg. Read More

Mayor Bloomberg announced his budget this afternoon for the fiscal year that starts in July. The mayor expects that a combination of federal stimulus, state funds, tax hikes, spending cuts, and labor givebacks will close a $4 billion budget gap tha Read More

When Kodak its latest round of mass layoffs yesterday, the company's in Rochester gave the news prominent play on its web page — right next to an reporting that the city "has finally received approval on a $4 million state grant for Rochester’ Read More

New York City's economy contracted 5.5 percent in the fourth quarter from the same period a year earlier, after a 2.7 percent contraction in the third quarter, according to the . The most recent figure is the worst in the nearly two decades since th Read More

The House passed the $819 billion stimulus last night. The final version contains some amendments that affect the (tiny) infrastructure-investment part of the bill. Two amendments are good, though not good enough to outweigh the fact that only fiv Read More

In a passage reflecting House Democratic spin on the supposed economic benefits of the stimulus package, today's Washington Post that the bill includes aid "that many economists agree will enter the economic bloodstream quickly and trim further layo Read More

People worried about the state of America's infrastructure haven't received the House stimulus bill very warmly. After political promises of bold, smart investments in physical assets, a $40 billion allocation for transportation and transit in an $8 Read More

State and local governments face a total deficit of about $131 billion for 2009 and $181 billion for 2010, the Government Accountability Office . Honestly, this estimate seems low. But, low or not, it may be as good as it gets. The GAO notes that Read More

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