Following in the footsteps of the owners of a small Buffalo area company have announced that New York State's income tax hike is prompting them to move to Florida -- except, unlike Golisano, they are also taking their entire company with them. Read More

The New York Times  Broadway's theater owners and producers "fought vigorously and successfully ... to block a new state tax on theater tickets ... [y]et at the same time, they were quietly imposing a new fee of their own on patrons of Broa Read More

New York State's Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund (DHBTF) was created in 1992 to provide a sustainable source of financing for ongoing transportation maintenance needs.  But since the mid-1990s, an increasing share of the fund's revenues--pri Read More

Well, what do you know?  Barely a month after its enactment, New York State's biggest income tax hike since 1961 has already driven away one of the Empire State's wealthiest and most productive residents.  Make that former Read More