Today's Times features about the new charter school in Washington Heights, which will pay teachers $125,000 when it opens next fall.  But six-figure teachers are not unprecedented in the Big Apple--or elsewhere in New York. New York City Read More

Last year, after Lehman Brothers collapsed, Mayor Bloomberg signed 4 percent annual raises for two years for the city's biggest civilian union, DC-37, even as it was obvious that such raises were unaffordable. The mayor is planning to repeat this fea Read More

City comptroller Bill Thompson -- who's also running for mayor -- released that termed the city's fiscal outlook "extremely sobering." The most sobering aspect is the extent to which New York has allowed its dependence on Wall Street to transform i Read More

Deposed Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Elliot Sander has an  in today's Times in which he notes that "with the Legislature's political support for labor negotiations, the agency would be better positioned to conduct serious an Read More

, in addition to an average 10 percent reduction already experienced by employees under an unpaid furlough program.  Meanwhile, in New York, most state workers just received a 3 percent wage increase, and .  At least 42 state lawmakers, in Read More

Governor Paterson he will veto "any legislation this year that calls for more spending."  Well, that's a relief.  But what does he mean by "spending"? Tough spending restraint?[/capti Read More

Following in the footsteps of the owners of a small Buffalo area company have announced that New York State's income tax hike is prompting them to move to Florida -- except, unlike Golisano, they are also taking their entire company with them. Read More

The New York Times  Broadway's theater owners and producers "fought vigorously and successfully ... to block a new state tax on theater tickets ... [y]et at the same time, they were quietly imposing a new fee of their own on patrons of Broa Read More

New York State's Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund (DHBTF) was created in 1992 to provide a sustainable source of financing for ongoing transportation maintenance needs.  But since the mid-1990s, an increasing share of the fund's revenues--pri Read More


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