New Yorkers On the Move


Moving vans are continuing to carry more households out of New York than they are bringing in, according to new data from a major national moving company.

Mayflower Transit reports that it handled 3,646 moves out of New York and 2,369 moves into the state during the first eight months of this year.  New York’s rate of outbound moves–nearly 61 percent of the total from January through August – was the fifth highest in Mayflower’s national market, the company said.

Mayflower also reported higher outbound than inbound rates for New York’s neighboring states of Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  But the proportion was reversed in Massachusetts, where the company reported moving more households in than out.  The complete Mayflower migration numbers are posted on the Empire Center’s DataBank; look under “Population and Demographics” for Van Line Migration Statistics.

The Mayflower numbers, based on 79,539 shipments, are consistent with trends reported annually by United Van Lines, which has the same corporate ownership.  United’s migration report for 2006 said New York’s rate of outbound moves was 59.5 percent, fourth highest of any state.

Census data show that New York sustained a domestic migration loss of a quarter-million people to other states in 2006, and 1.2 million since 2000.   For details, see the Empire Center’s Research Bulletin on the topic.