Infrastructure plan announced, women and minorities hit hardest

| NY Torch

Also in today’s Times is a brilliantly satirical op-ed written to illustrate the foolishness of what my colleague Heather Mac Donald would probably call part of the victimology culture. The author, Linda Hirshman, notes that there will be “almost no women” on Obama’s “road to recovery,” because women don’t much go for highway jobs.

“A just economic stimulus plan must include jobs in fields like social work and teaching, where large numbers of women work,” Hirshman writes. “The bulk of the stimulus program” as proposed “will provide jobs for men, because building projects generate jobs in construction ….”

Kudos to the Times for not being afraid to allow Hirshman to skewer the left’s thinking by taking a stereotype of it and magnifying it past any degree of seriousness.

And when the rest of us are poor because the roads and subways upon which we had hoped to get to our private-sector jobs have completely fallen apart, we’ll need this type of satire, as well as those social workers Hirshman recommends, to cheer us up!